Application of PMBus/CANBus Protocols in Intelligent Power Supply

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Technical Service Center / Karim Bheiry

Intelligent power supply demands have been increased in recent years especially in Robotic Charging, Remote Installation and Ultra High-Power because these applications not only needs to Control output power but also monitor the entire the system stability. In response, MEAN WELL launched multiples digitalized product such as NPB Charger, HEP-2300, NCP-3200 and SHP-10K Series with PMBus or CANBus to fulfill application demands.
These protocols can R/W the current operating status and information. Supported information is as follows: Output voltage, current and internal temperature, alarm and status, system-configuration, and adjust the charging curve.

1) PMBus Application: Digital Power Management

Figure 1: Centralized System Power

2) CANBus Applications: Robotic Charging

Figure 2: Robots Charging Stations

In summary, MEAN WELL's intelligent power supplies offer PMBus or CANBus communication protocols for applications needed to control, monitor, and configure the power supplies. The table below provides detail comparison between the two protocols.


Application Note
PMBus 10 meters Power Management
  • Public protocols
  • Easy for design-in
CANBus 200 meters Charging & Industrial Applications
  • Support Multiple Masters
  • Manufacturer defines commands.
  • Robust communication and high reliability

Detailed is explained in the linked article. For product information, please contact our authorized distributors and local representatives for professional support from MEAN WELL.