Introduction and application of KNX Data Secure

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By: Mac Tu/ Technical Service Center

Security is one of the hottest topics for smart homes. The demand for smart home and building solutions is increasing tremendously. More and more functions in residential as well as in commercial buildings are controlled by automation technologies. However unsecured or vulnerable systems can be attacked by an unauthorized third party and can lead to data breaches and invasion of privacy. User's personal data and property are therefore at risk. Hacking attack incidents are often reported. News reports such as this article are becoming more and more common. It's incredible easy for a hacker to control hotel rooms.

KNX can provide a solution to this smart home security challenge. Many hacking incidents could have been prevented by using the right products in the installation. KNX Secure has been developed to tackle current and future challenges regarding cyber security in building automation. MEAN WELL has launched several KNX products with Data Secure function. Such as KAA-8R-S and KAA-4R4V-S actuators, they are ideal to be used for lighting switch, air conditioning control system or shutter/ blinds control etc. PWM-200-KN is a powerful constant voltage LED driver, which can be connected on KNX Bus line and be controlled by KNX command directly. Since data is transmitted in a secure way, your environment and personal information are protected from a hacking attack.
A simple but insightful introduction of KNX security setup with MEAN WELL KNX LED driver is provided via below link. If you are not familiar with KNX data secure products or wondering if it is possible to link a secure device to a non-secure device (plain). This video also provides you an insight how to recognize a secure product from its appearance, and how to link secure devices in a secure way, or link them in a plain way from ETS software.

If you have any questions related to the KNX products, you’re more than welcome to contact MEAN WELL sales. Please also feel free to check our MEAN WELL Online Exhibition Hall for Building Power Solution to scroll through technical videos, articles and FAQs for further support.  

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