Media Release (LEDinside):【Exclusive Interview】MEAN WELL Shapes the Future of IoT with Centralized DC House for Smart Lighting and Industrial Controls

Release Date:2020/10/13

From fire to electricity, the human civilization continues to unfold through advances in science and technology. All of this progress has been built on the acquisition and harnessing of different forms of energies. Likewise, the great technological innovations of the recent century or so are made possible by evolutionary changes in the delivery of electricity to end-users. Since the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla more than a hundred years ago, DC and AC have been competing for supremacy in an ever-expanding range of power applications. The course of the rivalry is now shifting again with the advent of renewable energies and intelligent control technologies.

The adoption of DC for everyday power applications has been growing. For instance, light sources have transitioned from traditional types of light bulbs to DC-driven LEDs. At the same time, DC is used to switch on and control many types of mobile devices. MEAN WELL, which began in Taiwan and has been operating in the power supply market for nearly four decades, is bullish on the prospect that DC will again become mainstream as 5G synergizes with IoT to enable more smart applications.