MEAN WELL Announces Its First Authorized European KNX Distributors: Schukat, Olfer, Eurotek

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MEAN WELL is happy to announce its first authorized European KNX specialist distributors. Schukat (Germany), Olfer (Spain), and Eurotek (Italy) will continue to be dedicated to tapping into their local KNX markets and supporting MEAN WELL with their market and product insights!

KNX is the international standard for building automation that realizes human beings’ dreams for versatile, comfortable, and easy automation control. Since 2017, MEAN WELL, the global leading manufacturer of standard power supplies, has combined its expertise of power with KNX technology to develop products with the KNX standard.

In 2017, led by Dr. Wen Wu, MEAN WELL Europe’s product manager, MEAN WELL launched the award-winning and the world’s most compact KNX power supply—the KNX-20E-640. In 2019, MEAN WELL again impressed the market with the world’s first and only constant current mode LED driver with the KNX standard—the LCM-40/60-KN series.

MEAN WELL’s portfolio, currently containing over 10 KNX products, including KNX power supplies, KNX LED drivers, and switch and dimming actuators, offers a complete solution for the integration of KNX building systems.

In June 2019, Dr. Wu and Mr. Frank Stocker, Schukat’s product manager, attended a seminar held by the German KNX Professionals Deutschland. Mr. Stocker delivered a comprehensive presentation to many German KNX system integrators, who were impressed by MEAN WELL’s innovative solutions, such as the LCM-KN that further reduces device numbers and saves installation time and resources by adopting direct digital dimming with KNX.

Another highlight of the seminar was the durability of MEAN WELL’s KNX actuators when connected to capacitive-type loads. While 140 µF is the figure of merit for the standard EN60669-1 testing of electronic switch capacitive-load durability, all MEAN WELL KNX actuators have been tested against 220 µF to ensure long-term system operation. In the case of even higher demand, an inrush current limiter, such as the ICL-16R/16L, can be placed between the KNX actuator and the load to further increase the capacitive load to 2500 µF.

MEAN WELL will continue to develop products with KNX standard to foster its position in the building automation sector. Meanwhile, to support its partners and customers to seize KNX business opportunities, MEAN WELL is now offering a limited-time promotional package and a worldwide 14-day fast delivery program. Please contact the MEAN WELL global sales team for more information.

To learn more, check out MEAN WELL’s KNX Smart Building Solution.
The inrush current limiter ICL-16R/16L can be placed between the KNX actuator and the LED driver to further increase the capacitance.
 Mr. Stocker, PM of Schukat, delivered a comprehensive presentation to many German KNX system integrators, who were impressed by MEAN WELL’s KNX solutions.