MEAN WELL Illuminates Light + Building 2024 with Innovative LED Drivers

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EUMW Marketing Dep./ Valerie Wang

At the 2024 Frankfurt Light + Building Exhibition, the global standard power supply leader, MEAN WELL, made its first attempt at a dual co-exhibition with the KNX Association and the DALI Alliance, showcasing its complete building automation offerings and the latest LED drivers. The exhibition, held from March 3rd to 8th, attracted numerous visitors from around the world.

MEAN WELL demonstrated a comprehensive building automation product line at the KNX co-exhibit booth, with the LCM-KN series and PMW-KN series emerging as standout favorites. These series stand out by seamlessly integrating KNX interfaces, eliminating the need for a complex KNX-DALI gateway. The LMC-KN series is an AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver, while the PWM-KN series serves as a constant voltage driver. Notably, PWM-200 KN represents as one of the world’s first KNX Data Secure LED driver. With KNX Data Secure technology, the product offers protections against attacks on building lighting infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of security. Furthermore, PWM series underwent improvements for sustainability since 2023, transitioning from plastic labelling to automatic laser engraving.  

The highlight of the DALI co-exhibit booth was MEAN WELL's newest LED drivers: the XLN and XLC series. Both models offer the flexibility to select between H-type constant current and constant voltage, ensuring stable performance and efficiency. Setting the constant current version apart is its multistage current selectability, facilitated by dip switches or NFC technology. The interactive demonstration of NFC features within the MEAN WELL APP left attendees impressed, highlighting MEAN WELL's dedication on user-friendly design. Additionally, the XLN series are encapsulated with a plastic housing certificated with IP67, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging environments. On the other side, the XLC series provides the option of the strain-relief cap, simplifying the cable attachment and removal process while protecting the cable and the end piece.

The exhibition proved to be a success for MEAN WELL, providing a platform to engage with partners and users alike. As Light + Building 2024 comes to a close, MEAN WELL remain committed to driving innovation in the lighting and building automation industry, poised to deliver reliable solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.