Product Change Notice: HDR-15/30/60/100 Packaging Changed

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Product Strategy Center / Frank Chen

In order to support the sustainable development and environmental protection, MEAN WELL has reduced the inner and outer boxes volume of the DIN-rail power supply HDR-15/30/60/100 series; Additionally, we have implemented the automatic packaging for the future production while the product performance will not be affected after changed.

The new productions starting in May 2023 will include these changes, but there will be a transition period during which both new and old versions will be in stock. The product price will also remain unchanged. If you have any questions about this product change notice, you may reach out to your MEAN WELL sales representative.

Implement date: Shipment starting in May 2023
Model number: HDR-15 / 30 / 60 / 100
Product changed in details: 



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