World First KNX Data Secure LED Driver – PWM-200KN Series

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By: Wen Wu/Product Manager

MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer, continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. For emerging demand of higher power and cyber security on lighting applications, after the earlier launch of PWM-60/120KN series, we proudly introduce the world first 200W AC-DC LED driver with KNX Data Secure, PWM-200KN series.

PWM-200KN series is constant voltage driver with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the colour temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips. Safety approval certified with EN61347/GB19510 and UL8750 is used in all regions. It is built-in KNX interface with Data Secure function to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway. KNX Data Secure signs and encrypts the communication telegrams on KNX Twisted Pair bus line, with the highest standards AES128 CCM encryption according to ISO 18033-3, in order to effectively prevent attacks on the lighting infrastructure of buildings and to achieve the highest level of data protection.

PWM-200KN operates from 100~305VAC and offers 4 output voltage models: 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V. Thanks to the high efficiency of up to 94%, with the fanless design, the entire series is able to operate for-40°C~85°C case temperature under free air convection. The minimal dimming level low to 0.01% is suitable for low light level applications e.g. cinema. The output frequency is changeable up to 4K Hz compliant IEEE 1789-2015 no risk requirement providing a great solution for health concern due to light flickering.

  • Integrated KNX with Data Secure protocol, no need KNX-DALI gateway
  • Support of pre-filled constant light output (CLO, L70/L80/L90) parameters in ETS
  • Single channel & constant voltage PWM style output with user changeable frequency up to 4KHZ, compliant IEEE 1789-2015 no risk requirement
  • Meet SELV and class II design without FG
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 94%
  • Standby power consumption <0.5W
  • Typical lifetime >50000 hours and 5 years warranty


PWM-200-KN Series