KSR-01IP series KNX IP Router

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MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer, continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. After the launch of KNX bus power supply KNX-20E, KDX-64 (KNX-DALI GATEWAY) and KSI-01U interface, the new KNX IP Router is proudly introduced.
The IP TP media coupler KSR-01IP is a KNXnet/IP routing & tunneling device and works as KNX IP line/area coupler. No need to have an external power supply for powering. The ability to address all bus devices in the KNX bus system makes network operations less time-consuming. Operational and filtering states, malfunction and faulty communication are indicated by LEDs. The device supports UPnP and its firmware can be updated via the built-in web front-end page provided an easy IP communication interface for systems or devices that use KNX building automation control technology.

    • KNX IP router
    • 4 IP/TP tunnelings
    • No additional external power supply required
    • Universal Plug and Play
    • Telegram filtering
    • Built-in web front-end page
    • Dimension(WxHxD):36x90x71mm
    • 3 years warranty