KSI-01U KNX-USB interface

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 MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer, continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. After the launch of KNX bus power supply KNX-20E and KDX-64 (KNX-DALI GATEWAY), the new KNX-USB interface, is proudly introduced.
KSI-01U is an interface for establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus. The USB connector has a galvanic separation from the KNX bus. It can be used on the standard software like ETS, EITT (also Raw Frame operating mode) and other software is handled by the FALCON driver. The KSI-01U supports long messages (up to 220 byte APDU length) and ensures easy handling in software under operating systems not supported by the FALCON driver (e.g. Linux), providing an easy communication interface for systems or devices that use KNX building automation control technology.  

              • KNX-USB interface
              • No additional external power supply required
              • KNX commissioning, addressing and parameter settings
              • KNX protocol and system visualization
              • Diagnostic operations
              • Long messages up to 220 byte APDU
              • Dimension(WxHxD):36x90x71mm
              • 3 years warranty