GreenTech 2019: 90% of Grow Light Exhibitors Use MEAN WELL LED Drivers

This year, for the very first time, MEAN WELL exhibited at GreenTech, the world’s leading trade show featuring the latest technologies in the horticultural industry.

During the 3-day show in Amsterdam from June 11-13, MEAN WELL showcased a variety of power solutions for the grow light sector and debuted an exciting new product: the 1KW constant power dimmable LED driver HVGC-1000 (180~528VAC) - HVGC series, which allows customers to retrofit high sodium pressure (HSP) lights with LEDs without extra installation costs. 

While LED lighting is becoming the mainstream in the grow light sector, MEAN WELL has a particularly high market share. At GreenTech alone, nearly 90% of the LED lamp exhibitors had MEAN WELL drivers designed into their products.

MEAN WELL has been widely adopted in the market thanks to its extensive LED driver portfolio which offers over 2000 models of high efficiency, excellent thermal management, as well as ingress protection (IP) rating and versatile dimming options.

Be it horticultural automation, vertical farming or container farming, MEAN WELL offers a wide range of products that can deliver a host of solutions for horticulture. 

To learn more, check out MEAN WELL LED Driver Power solution and our Horticulture Lighting Guide.

To see more about MEAN WELL at Greentech 2019, Check out the video below!